“Arise, Shine, For The Light Has Come”

We Are Pressing Forward!

It has been a sad and painful period due to the loss of our leader, Rabbi Robert Edward Keyes, III, Prophet and Overseer on December 16, 2021.  Rabbi Keyes made a lasting impression upon all those who knew him and interacted with him. Before his death, Rabbi Keyes completed the tasks placed before him by THE MOST HIGH.  He made sure that everything was decent and in order and that is why we are “Pressing Forward”.

Back in late September 2020, THE MOST HIGH instructed us to reach out to all those who received information regarding the “Awakening”.  The letter was drafted and waited for final approval prior to distribution.  However, THE MOST HIGH gave a command to hold the letter until further notice.  Rabbi Keyes was also instructed by THE MOST HIGH to read Ezekiel Chapter 2 and 3, followed by HIS declaration which led us to prepare for a series of spiritual trials and tests.  There were sicknesses and multiple deaths among us.  Yet, by the power and might of YAH himself, He strengthened our resolve and beliefs in His name.

We successfully completed and rose from beneath the ashes of fiery tests and trials and ready to “Press Forward” towards the mark for the prize of the calling of THE MOST HIGH YAH in YAHUSHA HA MASHIACH (Philippians 3:14).  The Program sanctioned by YAH Himself will never die; it rises in new places, which is in the hearts and minds of those whom He selects. Again, we are pressing forward.

Elder Kubini V. Keyes, ‘Shepherd’ & Overseer