“Arise, Shine, For The Light Has Come”


March 7, 2022

Our world is changing daily.  Therefore, spend more time preparing for eternity. Invest for the future of your soul to be at peace with your Creator.

August 18, 2021


The message of 8/18/2021 on the home page was closed with the following prayer in which all in attendance repeated in concert:

“We call on YAHWEH, in the name of YAHUSHUA for you deserve all the praise and glory. We petition for your protection and guidance and to shield us with your right had. You answer those who call upon Your Name; for your wings cast a shadow of protection over us. Please do not allow the evil one to overcome us. You knows and hears those which trust and call upon Your Name. You are our shield and buckler; for no attacks by day nor by night shall consume us. Keep us as the apple of your eye, the pupil, the center point of focus and attention. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. All these blessings we seek, Oh Mighty YAHWEH, we praise you and honor you, in YAHUSHUA’s name, Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah!”

August 23, 2020


John 5:43 reads, “For I have come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not.  If another shall come in his own name, him will you receive.”  Let’s analyze this passage below:

The Messiah said he came in His Father’s name. You would expect the Messiah to have part of, if not all of his Father’s name, especially when the first born is a male.  The Messiah is from the tribe of Yahudah, which is one of the Tribes of Israel true Hebrew name, not Judah. So, what is His Father’s name?  If your answer is God, Lord, Jehovah, or JAH, you are incorrect.

A.  The short version of His Father’s name is YAH. Thus you will find        Hebrew names YAHWEH and similar names discussed in eth CEPHER (Divine Book) Preface, pages 6 – 7.  Now, back to The Son of YAH.

B. The Son has his Father’s name and it is not Jesus. The alphabet ‘J’ is not a Hebrew alphabet, but an English alphabet created in 1524. Therefore, how could the name Jesus predate or exist back over 2,000 years before alphabet J was created?  Click the Google link below:

C.  If you want to know the origin of the name Jesus, follow the links below:

  1. Where   From I to J for Jesus
  2. Where Did Jesus Name Come From?
  3. What Name is it?

Consider the following thought:

“The imitator, the Anti-Christ shall come under the banner of Jesus and people upon the earth shall believe him and follow him because of the many signs and wonders he will perform.  There will be millions and millions of Jesus followers.  Yet, when the ANOINTED ONE, YAHUSHA appears, those whose faith is in Him shall be fewer in number, but great in power.  With the sword of His mouth, YAHUSHA shall remove Jesus, the ‘imitator’ the false god and all those who worship or have the mark of the beast upon their bodies from the face of the earth.”

January 2, 2020


There is an old saying, “truth pressed to the ground shall always rise”. Deceit and lies are instruments of corrupt and evil individuals with a sole purpose to hide the truth, manipulate or alter the facts, and most of all, to maintain control and power over others. Nevertheless, YAH has a book of remembrance and nothing is covered that He cannot reveal. The history of the world’s enslavement of YAH’s people taken from Africa is susceptible to false narratives and innuendos used to promote division, fear and miss-trust between the descendants of slavery and the people of Africa today. Just as we now know who and where are the true descendants of the tribe of Israel, take time to read and educate yourself of the clarification and correction to who sold who into slavery, the reasons why and the cover-up which is taught around the world today.  They Lied to Us

October 13, 2019


YAH, EL ELOHIYM (The Mighty God) desires everyone to be saved. Yet, He allows us to use our own free will to decide to follow His way or the way of man. Do not be deceived by false teachings of the end times. Remember the old saying, “everything that glitters isn’t gold” and this hold true to those holding onto debunked beliefs. False and corrupt leaders kept back and refuse to let all divine word be revealed. In the Apocrypha, there are numerous biblical literature and scriptures omitted from the bible. For example, “The Apocrypha of Peter” (and there are more books omitted from the KJV Bible) gives a vivid and dramatic description of those that are lost. Upon opening the first link below, page down to Section B, AKHMIN FRAGMENT.   The Apocalypse of Peter   Hell and Judgement, The Apocalypse of Peter and Paul

September 30, 2019


Each year, we celebrate the Fall Feasts and most recently, Rosh Hashanah. YAH’s feasts are not exclusive for nor are they owned by Jews. The feast days belongs to YAH. If you believe in HA MACHIAH (Messiah), you also should keep and celebrate YAH’s feast days.