“Arise, Shine, For The Light Has Come”

The Sheppard

Rabbi Robert E. Keyes III, Prophet and Overseer entered the ministry in 1998 as an evangelist. His thirst for G_d’s words and teaching of Holy Scriptures have recharged listeners to serve and trust the ‘One and Only Universal G_d, through his son, Christ Je__s. In doing so, G_d endorsed his plan to re-establish fellowship with African Universal Churches in Alabama and South Florida. In July, Rev. Keyes led the Church in traveling to Daphne, AL to serve G_d through fellowship services.

G_d gave Prophet Keyes a vision of spiritual growth and stability by scheduling revivals, workshops and other worship and praise events. The annual and on-going events of the former Tabernacle African Universal Church also serve as an outreach to other Christian believers. In return, G_d expanded the fellowship with other local churches.

In September 2016, Pastor Keyes was assigned an additional title to align him with his responsibilities. As the first ‘Overseer’ of overseas ministries, Prophet & Overseer Keyes has provided spiritual guidance and leadership for the development of churches in the Philippines and in Kenya.  He was instrumental in communicating G_d’s given vision to expand and support the building the overseas ministry.

Back In 2010, Prophet & Overseer Robert Keyes was led by the Holy Spirit to enroll in a Jewish-Christian school.  In 2012, He attained a diploma in Jewish-Christian Studies, Dallas, Texas.  Several years later, Prophet Robert Keyes was in his office and was led into the spirit and a voice arose within his spirit and instructed him to “Seek Me and call Me by my right name and get to know who your true identity.” Afterwards, Prophet Robert Keyes began to meditate and research deeper into and beyond his previous studies. What he learned started to make sense to him and he desired to learn even more.  As Prophet Keyes “connected the dots” to find the true descendants of the children of Israel, the ‘Erverhs or Hebrews, the Holy Spirit spoke into his spirit a second time and said, “My name is from everlasting to everlasting”.  Just like His people, His name has a meaning.

From latter 2016 till the present, RACH HA QODESH (Holy Spirit) led him on a journey which further expanded Prophet Keyes understanding of the truth of the twelve Tribes of Israel; whereas, eleven were scattered and one dispersed (enslaved).  “It was written long ago that these events would occur”, said Prophet Keyes.  Prophet Keyes understood that at an appointed time, changing of seasons, words, teachings and artifacts and images would commence and increase.  Ultimately, there’ll be judgment on earth and mankind.

In late September 2018, Prophet engaged his spiritual team to study selected scriptures and urged them to pray for discernment.  Their response was astonishing. They were already aware of their African culture, however, none knew to the extent and specifics supported by biblical and historical evidence as being descendants of Hebrews from Israel whose ancestors were taken to America as slaves.

The next step was to inform the members which occurred at a January 2019 membership meeting.  Prophet Robert Keyes expounded on his experience and of the church officer’s positive response.  Because of the life and teachings of the late founder of the African Universal Church, Princess Laura Kofi, it was an overwhelming acceptance to move forward to praise, worship and serve in accordance to HIS will, not as Christians, but believers, saved by YESHUA HA MACHIAH, the son of the MOST HIGH ELOHIYM of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Prophet Keyes set a start-up date to begin Saturday Sabbath worship and launch of an “Awakening” website on April 1st 2019, to inform the world what we’ve learned, others have learned and what we’ve always known.  All praises and honor belongs to the ELOHIYM of our ancestors and may He continually “pour His Spirit out upon all flesh” to “Wake Up” the world.