“Arise, Shine, For The Light Has Come”

The Awakening

Give Praises to Almighty YAH!

My prayers, intercessions and meditation and waiting on divine intervention over these many months have been answered. The MOST HIGH YAH has given His divine approval to go ahead with this topic; “The World is Awakening”. Reaching this point did not come without numerous trials and tribulations. THE MOST HIGH YAH has spoken to me saying, “get to work” and we did.

The “World is Awakening”, launches April 1, 2019. If you decide to visit this website, we strongly recommend you pray for divine understanding and discernment. Some readers will understand and accept what’s on the website, whereas, others will reject it. However, those who do accept His words shall receive YAH’s great blessings.

Now is time to “Wake Up” to and learn the truth about your true heritage, your hidden identity and the deliberate lies and false teachings spread throughout history which continues today. There was malice and deceit performed by those you would least expect. YAHUSHUA says it time to wake up House of Judah and Ephraim and all remaining true tribes of Israel, but not imposters who sit in our land today. YAH proclaimed in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 that He knows they are not Jews.

Lies have been told for too many years to continue a “cover up” the truth of who are the true children of Israel. YHWH says the time is now to wake up to the truth and take hold and rejoice, because time is drawing near. The years of 1619 thru 2019 marks the end of 400 years curse. YHWH timing is not mankind’s timing. YHWH said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) The Silver trumpet is blowing and “The Awakening” is worldwide.

“Open thou my eyes”, (Psalms 119:18). He scattered all 12 tribes of Israel and only one tribe, Judah was dispersed (enslaved). “The Awakening” is world-wide. “Prepare to flee from the wrath to come.” YHWH message has reached the 4 corners of the world. Many will take heed and many will forbear. Those who refuse to believe will pay a price. Time is at hand and destruction is coming to the land. YAH will recompense. Give Glory to His Holy Name.

Rev. Robert E. Keyes

Prophet and Overseer