“Arise, Shine, For The Light Has Come”

“Scriptures Not in all KJV” Bibles

April 25, 2021


2.  And. lo, there arose a wind from the sea, that it moved all the waves thereof.  3.  And I beheld, and, lo, that a man waxed strong with the thousands of heaven:  and when he turned his countenance to look, all the things trembled that were seen under him.  4.  And whensoever the voice went out of his mouth, all they burned that heard his voice, like as the earth fails when it feels the fire.  5.  And after this I beheld, and low, there was gathered together a multitude of men, out of number, from the four winds of the heaven, to subdue the man that came out of the sea.  6.  But I beheld, and, lo, he had graved himself a great mountain, and flew up upon it.

eth CEPHER, 2018, 4 Ezra, Chapter 13:2 – 6

November 29, 2020

“Fate of the Wicked”

37.  And this my Son shall rebuke the wicked inventions of those nations, which for their wicked life are fallen into the tempest; 38.  And shall lay before them their evil thoughts, and the torments wherewith they shall begin to be tormented, which are like unto a flame: and he shall destroy them without labor by the Torah which is like unto me.

eth CEPHER 2018, 4 Ezra Chapter 13:37 – 38

September 29, 2020

“Stirred Up by YAH”

Then the chief of the families of Judah and of the tribe of Benjamin, stood up with the priests, the Levites, and all whose spirit YAH stirred to go up and build a house for YAH, which is in Jerusalem.

eth CEPHER 2018, I Esdras, Chapter 2:8

August 23, 2020

“Confusion and Monstrous Babies”

8.  There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fires shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstuous women shall bring forth monsters.

eth CEPHER, 2018, II Esdras, Chapter 5:8

July 10. 2020

“Kena’an Cursed Again”

31.  Dwell not in the dwelling of Shem, for to Shem and his sons did it come by lot.  32.  Cursed are you and cursed shall you be beyond all the sons of Noach, by the curse by which we bound ourselves by an oath in the presence of the Holy Judge, and in the presence of Noach our father.  33.  But he did not hearken unto them, and dwelt in the land of Lebanon from Chamath to the entering of Mitsrayim, he and his sons until this day.  34.  And for this reason that land is named Kena’an.

eth CEPHER, 2018, Vovheliym – Jubilees, Chapter 10: 31 – 34


June 23, 2020

“Scourge Us, Mercy on Us, and Gather Us”

Confess him before the other nations, ye children of Yashar’el: for he has scattered us among them.  4. There declare his greatness, and extol him before all the living: for he is our ADONAI, and he is ELOHIYM our Father forever.  5.  And he will scourge us for our iniquities, and will have mercy again and will gather us out of all nations, among whom he has scattered us.

eth CEPHER, 2018, Tobit Chapter 13: 3 – 5

April 30,2020

“More Wicked than all Men”

And all the earth was of one tongue and words of union, but Nimrod did not go in the ways of YAHUAH and he was more wicked than all the men that were before him from the days of the flood until those days.

eth CEPHER, 2018, Yasher, Chapter 7:46

February 6, 2020

“Once Concealed Now Revealed”

Then shall the kings, the princes, and all who possess the earth, glorify him who has dominion over all things, him who was concealed:  for from the beginning the Son of A’dam existed in secret, which EL ELYON (THE MOST HIGH GOD) preserved in the presence of his power, and revealed to the elect.

eth CEPHER, 2018, Chanok, Chapter 62:10

December 29, 2019

“Death and Blind Sheep”

Then were small lambs born of those white sheep; who began to open their eyes and to see, crying out to the sheep. The sheep, however, cried not out to them, neither did they hear what they uttered to them; but were death, blind, and obdurate in the greatest degrees.

eth CEPHER, 2018, CHANOK, Enoch, Chapter 90:8 – 9.

November 10, 2019


Rejoice and be glad for the children of the just; for they shall be gathered together, and shall they shall YAHUAH of the just.
eth CEPHER, 2018, TOVIYAHU, Tobit, Chapter 13:13.



“Triumph for the Righteous”

In those days the qodeshiym (saints, those that are set apart) and the chosen shall undergo a change. The light of day shall rest upon them; and the splendor and glory of the qodeshiym shall be changed.

In the day of trouble, evil shall be heaped up upon sinners; but the righteous shall triumph in the name of YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH.

Others shall be made to see that they must repent and forsake the works of their hands; and that glory awaits them not in the presence of YAHUAH TSVEA’OTH; yet that by his name they may be saved. YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH will have compassion on them; for great is his mercy; and righteousness is in his judgment, and in the presence of his glory; nor in his judgment shall iniquity stand. He who repents not before him shall perish.

eth CEPHER, 2018 CHANOK – ENOCH, Chapter 50: 1 – 3



“The Heathen Seeks to Replace Your Images”

Then they fasted that day and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon their heads and rent their clothes.
And laid open the Cepher of the Torah, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.
eth CEPHER, 2018, MAKKABIYM RI’SHON – 1 Maccabees, Chapter 3: 47 – 48


“Only a Remnant shall Return”

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Yashar’el, and such are escaped of the house of Ya’aqov, shall no more again stay upon him that smote them; but shall stay upon YAHUAH, the Holy One of Yashar’el in truth.

The remnant shall return, even the remnant of Ya’aqov, unto EL GIBBOR. 22. For though your people Yashar’el be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return: the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness.

eth CEPHER, 2018, YESHA’ YAHU – Isaiah, Chapter 10: 20 – 22


“All Nations Shall be Judged”

…when the nations become turbulent, and the time of my MASHIACH is come, he shall both summon all the nations, and some of them he shall spare and some of them he shall slay.

These things therefore shall come upon the nations which are to be spared by him.

Every nation, which knows not Yashar’el and has not trodden down the seed of Ya’aqov shall indeed be spared.

This because some out of every nation shall be subjected to your people.

But all those who have ruled over you, or have known you, shall be given up to the sword.

eth CEPHER, 2018, 2 BARUK, Chapter 72, verses 2 – 6



“Sarai’s Prayers Answered”

And the woman was then brought to Pharohs’ house and Avram grieved on account of his woman, and he prayed to YAHUAH to deliver her from the hands of Pharoh.

And Sarai also prayed at that time and said, O YAHUAH ELOHIYM, you did tell my lord Avram to go from his land and from his father’s house to the land of Kena’an, and you did promise to do well with him if he would perform your commands; now behold we have done that which you did command us, and we left our land and our families, and we went to a strange land and to a people whom we have not known before.

And we came to this land to avoid the famine, and this evil accident has befallen me; now therefore, OYAHUAH ELOHIYM, deliver us and save us from the hand of this oppressor, and to will with me for the sake of your mercy.

And YAHUAH hearkened to the voice of Sarai, and YAHUAH sent an angel to deliver Sarai from the power of Phar’oh.

And the king came and sat before Sarai and behold an angel of YAHUAH was standing over them, and he appeared to Sarai and said to her, do not fear, for YAHUAH has heard your prayer.
And the king approached to speak to Sarai, and he reached out his hand to touch her, when the angel smote him heavily, and he was terrified and he refrained from reaching to her.

And when the king came near to Sarai, the angel smote him to the ground, and acted thus to him the whole night, and the king was terrified.

eth CEPHER 2018, YASHAR – Jasher, Chapter 15, verses 16 – 21, 23 -24


“Son of A’dam”

“He shall sow the assembly of the qodeshiym (saints), and of the elect; and all the elect shall stand before him in that day. 12. All the kings, the princes, the exalted, and those who rule over all the earth, shall fall down on their faces before him, and shall worship him. 13. They shall fix their hopes on this Son of A’dam, shall pray to him, and petition him for mercy.”

“Then the sword of YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH (Lord of Hosts) shall be drunk with their blood; but the qodeshiym and elect shall be safe in that day; nor the face of the sinners and the wicked shall they thenceforwards behold. 16. YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH shall remain over them: 17. And with this Son of A’dam shall they dwell, eat, lie down, and rise up, forever and ever.”
eth 2018 CEPHER
CHANOK – Enoch
Chapter 62, verses 11 – 13, 15